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Les Images Numeriques literally means "numbered images" or "digital images." ("Numbered" as in the sense of computer binary language; numbered = 00110101010.) I choose the plural form instead of the singular ("l'image numerique") to designate motion or the idea of one image following another image. My specialty, therefore, is moving digital images.

I remain inspired, though, by the artful quality of analogue film with the seemless dissolves and truly rounded corners only offered by a chemical burn on celluloid.

Les Images Numeriques captures the nuances and beauty of life in a portable digital format.


bm movies   (widescreen)

wedding sample   (small)

wedding sample   (big)


YouTube vids   (Spellbinder @ ToST)

Pomodoro   (check out page headers)

UW History Project   (oral history)

Shift Flash files   (bm-shift photo montage)

Hazard Factory    (This is Hazard Factory)

Sam Shrieve one    (live set 01-05-2009)

Sam Shrieve Singles    (new audio 06-05-2009)

Living Barge RAW Footage    (movies w/ timecode overlay, 2 files)

Spellbinder sonicbids Movie    (Every Step of the Way MPEG1)

4th of July Wedding    (Wedding Video intro)